Check out the efficiency when switching to WoundSTAT

Many current industry processes are cumbersome, difficult to report on, and did not facilitate simple tracking of wound progression. With WoundSTAT your nurses and practitioners have a concise way to manage and track patients and wounds, and your QA staff has an easy way to report on the clinical activity and results.

WoundSTAT Add Wound Screen

Product Features

  • Tracking of Wound Status, Treatments & Interventions
  • Management Across Multiple Care Locations
  • Easy-to-use Wizard Interfaces
  • Demographic Analysis & Reporting
  • Automated Wound Status Progression (coming in 2018)
  • Fully Hosted - Up & Running In Minutes (coming in 2018)
  • Powered by ETG (see more at
WoundSTAT Weekly Report

Dynamic Reporting

From Weekly Status Reports, to Summary Analysis, to Aggregate Tracking Reports, WoundSTAT’s narrowly defined fields make it easy to drill down and discover patterns and anomalies in your wound care data.

Want to learn more?

WoundSTAT is the result of a collaboration between ETG, a software development company in Buffalo, NY, and a PACE (Progam of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly) program. Together, we saw a need to dramatically change the way in which patient wounds were managed and analyzed. After a couple years of combined research and development, ETG is excited to roll out WoundSTAT.

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